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Dang Khoa Law Firm led by Master of Law Nguyen Dang Khoa – a member of Hanoi Bar Association – was founded in July 2002. Our objectives are: to build a prestigious law firm with professional working styles, sastifying both domestic and international clients’ need in legal services.

 Well-staffed with specialized, skilled, experienced and professionally righteous lawyers and law experts well-trained in either domestic or overseas pretigious law universities, we have left good impressions on the clients who have chosen the legal services from Dang Khoa Law Firm.

 We feel highly honored and proud to be chosen not only as a reliable partner but also as a loyal friend of the clients by making them successful in their career and sharing their legal troubles in life.

 Thank you for your sincere contributed opinions Which make our services ever more perfect.
 With the guidelines of deeply specializing and ever more diversifying our working fields, we have been providing these good services:

 - Providing regular law consultation for individual and establishments relating to labour law, commercial law, civil law, marriage and family law, tax law...

 - Providing services for legal proceedings: appointing our counsels to protect the clients’ legal rights and benefit in their cases.

 - Consulting domestic and foreign investment.
 - Setting up projects and files for renting industrial land and for investment preferences.
 - Consulting company procedures: founding, dividing, merging or dissolving company; rechanging registered business contents.
 - Providing services for borrowing bank’s capital, recovering debts, accounting and business tax report.
 - Deputizing for clients to collect over-manturity or irrecoverable debts.
 - Providing services in intellectual property: protection of trademarks, logoes, industrial designs...
 - Notarized services.
 - Editing contracts, wills, business letters, deputizing for clients in contract negociation and signature and dispute resolution.
 - Providing other legal services...
 To express our deep gratitude to the clients and to have deep respect for individual and establishments who have been making great contribution to today’s Dang Khoa Law Firm’s success, we have chosen 12th July – the foundation – as The Dang Khoa Law Firm’s Day.

  We commit ourself  “to cooperate with the clients creating peaceful, equitable and prosperous lives”.

      Master of Law Nguyen Dang Khoa

Please contact us: www.luatdangkhoa.com
Head Office:
Dang Khoa Law Firm
293-295 To Hieu street, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tell: (84-4).7568265/2185918
Fax:   (84-4).7568265
Hotlines:04.9103825             0903252891 
Email: hanoi@luatdangkhoa.com           dangkhoa@luatdangkhoa.com 
         dangkhoals@yahoo.co.uk            dangkhoattorney@yahoo.com  
Website: www.luatdangkhoa.com



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